L'Actu Unil : Hommage au Commandant de Corps Christophe Keckeis

Publications // 02.05.2020

I want to express my deep sadness about the loss of our dear friend Lieutenant General Christophe Keckeis. In the name of the University of Lausanne, our sincere condolences to his wife, daughters (with whom I did my classrooms) and son on the passing of her husband and father.

Christophe Keickes was a strong advocate for Peace. We had the huge pleasure and honor to count on him to support our project “Owls for Peace” that uses owls as a platform to promote reconciliation between the Jewish and Arab worlds. During the sabbatical of Prof. Yossi Leshem at the University of Lausanne, we met Christophe Keckeis at the military airport of Payerne, my home town. Since then we developed a strong friendship and Christophe Keckeis came at the Faculty of Biology and Medicine to deliver a message of Peace that strongly impressed the audience. He also made me the honor to assist to my inaugural lecture with his wife Christiane Keckeis. We went together two times in Israel along with the Swiss TV for the program “Mise au Point, la Paix c’est chouette” where we promoted Peace in the region.

As everybody, I was very impressed by the charisma of Christophe Keckeis, his passion for life and his friendship. For the last two years, Christophe Keckeis had several health issues and everybody who knew him always expressed the fact that we were all missing him. As I said to my sons “We are all very lucky to have been in contact with Christophe Keckeis”. They could only acknowledge by saying “You are right dad”.

We will always remember him.

Rest in Peace.

Prof. Alexandre Roulin
Lausanne, le 2 mai 2020